DEHOFF REALTORS® Call Tracking System

Our Call Tracking System vs. Others "Agent on Duty" & "Single Agent" Systems

Benefits to the Seller DEHOFF REALTORS®
Call Tracking System
"Clear, Efficient Communication"
"Agent On Call" System
"Single Agent" System
Clear Communication
The number one complaint of sellers - lack of communication

  • Seller deals with one person who sets appointments
  • Efficient
  • Precise
  • Clear Communication

  • Seller deals with whichever agent happens to be "On Duty"
  • May be "part time"and not know the inventory

  • Seller deals with the listing agent
  • Who is also busy handling other listings and projects related to those listings ... not always your listings!
Availability to other Agents...
Setting appointments to show your home. Crucial to showing your home.

Precise and Quick!
  • Accurate
  • Recorded and cross-tracked

  • Part-time agents may not know the inventory
  • Can't keep track
  • Making appointments is slow and time-consuming

  • Showing agent must spend extra time setting appointments
  • May move on to quicker-responding homes
Who responds to calls to office from buyers?
You HIRED this agent. Who actually gets the calls

your agent
  • All calls on your property are referred to your listing agent

Whichever Agent happens to be "on duty"
  • May never have seen your home!
  • May be part-timee

Your Agent ... if buyer requests
  • Otherwise call goes to whoever is "on duty"
Reports Regarding Your Home and the Total Market
What was shown Today, not what was sold last month!

Call Tracking Reports
  • Reports on competitive showings
  • Track other agents' buyers
  • Report on showings on daily basis available
  • Many other reports available

No Reports on Buyers
  • Can report on who showed your home only!
  • Listing agent is not informed of who received calls from buyers
  • Listing agent cannot follow up on buyers talking with other agents.

No Reports
  • No reports possible on current showing activity of other competitive homes!
  • Can report on your home only! Has accurate information only on his/her own listings...

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